Welcome the Hans Koernig Museum Dresden!

The „Hans Körnig Museum“ in Dresden‘s Baroque Quarter is dedicated to painter and printmaker Hans Koernig (1905-1989). Take a stroll through the historic streets of Neustadt and discover the artist‘s oeuvre in his former work environment on Wallgaesschen Alley close by the Golden Horseman.

Hans Koernig‘s studio was situated in the attic of today‘s museum building on Wallgaesschen Alley. The artist‘s self-initiated atelier exhibitions were legendary amongst the Dresden art scene in the 1950s. In the summer of 1961, Koernig was prevented from returning to Dresden after travelling through Western Europe due to the erection of the Berlin Wall. The artist‘s works were confiscated and kept under lock. Since 2010, the museum presents Koernig‘s paintings and printed graphic works, allowing the interested public to gain an insight into his artistry.

Koernig‘s oeuvre consists of about 1300 printed graphic works - especially aquatint etchings - more than 300 oil paintings and hundreds, partially large-format drawings. The Hans Koernig Museum displays his extensive and many-faceted oeuvre in changing exhibitions.